A half marathon charity run to celebrate my 70th birthday in 2024!





Whilst running a half marathon at the age of 70 might not be many people’s idea of a birthday celebration, for me, I feel in 2024, it is going to be one of my most exciting and challenging experiences . Not only is it going to test my body’s physical and mental potential, but I know that am also going to need to find the stamina and motivation to keep training up to the big day.


Researchers often cite the importance of goal setting and challenging our bodies in later life as a way of harnessing its unused potential. And,  numerous research studies have shown that adopting and increasing physical activity can be preventive and protective against conditions such as sarcopenia, dementia, cancer, frailty, and even social isolation.


Race day – Sunday 5th May 2024


Unlike many of my fellow seniors who find even some of the simplest of daily tasks difficult to do, I am very fortunate to be experiencing good health in later life, and to be able to even contemplate doing this run. Simple daily activities which we often take for granted, such as, getting up in the mornings, dressing, undressing bathing, cooking etc, tasks, they find burdensome, time consuming or even impossible. In addition, without support, many experience further problems of social exclusion and isolation.


Raising funds for charity

In preparing to achieve the goal of running a  half marathon, it is also my intention to use the event to raise funds for two magnificent charities, Age UK Birmingham and Age UK Sandwell.  They support vulnerable and socioeconomically disadvantaged people in later life within the West Midlands, and strive to improve their general quality of life.


Ways in which you can help

Below are a few ways in which you can get involved to help me to raise funds for these charities, and to support the event. You can:

1.       Donate at https://ajbellgreatbirminghamrun2024.enthuse.com/pf/melrose-stewart-4194a

2.       Follow me on social media on twitter and Instagram @melrosestewart1 and on Facebook.

3.       Share my fundraising page with friends, family and the wider community

4.       Come out and support me on the day

5.       Keep in touch with messages of support and encouragement


Finally, my hope is that in entering this race, together we can challenge negative attitudes and assumptions about the ageing process, and emphasise that ageing does not equate to general decline. Too often, we are limited by expectations of ourselves, and the ceiling placed on us by others.

Let’s keep tapping into our potential, irrespective of age.

Please donate whatever you can. Thank you.




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