About Me

Dr Stewart, Chartered Physiotherapist, TEDx and international speaker has delivered several keynote speeches on intergenerational practices. She sees the adoption of bringing generations together through shared intergenerational activities as an effective means of achieving mutually beneficial physical, social and psychological benefit.

Born in rural Jamaica in 1954 during the Windrush era, migrating to the UK in 1965, Melrose is particularly aware of the health challenges of diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease affecting black populations within the UK and abroad and inequity in access to appropriate health care. Her desire is to ensure that the message of healthy ageing and achieving equity in health reaches these communities and beyond.

Melrose would like everyone reading these pages to take up the mantle of promoting the benefits of physical activity, achieving equity in access to health care  and to mutually encourage each other.  She aims to fight for equity and to motivate individuals of all ages and in particular older people to share in the joys and the challenges of remaining physically fit as they get older.

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