Recent Conferences & Events
TBC18th June 2020Elevate
Intergenerational Connections and Hope17th /18th March 2020Home Care Expo
When Generations age together (TBC)27TH February & 4th March 2020CACHE
Guest Night Talk (tbc)19th November 2020Ladies 232 Circle Charity Event
BecoME: BME Leaders in Healthcare26th October 2019University of Nottingham
Founder’s Lecture1st Nov 2019Chartered Society of Physiotherapy PTUK
Thinking outside the box – Why intergenerational activities matter27th September 2019Irish Gerontological Society
Borrowed Time: the Science of Ageing6 June 2019Cheltenham Science Festival?
Intergenerational bonding: Raising potential across the ages20th March 2019Age Scotland National Conference and Awards Ceremony - Homes, Health, Happiness: Matters for All Ag
Connecting Generations30 January 2019Primary Care Pharmacy Association
Sharing wisdom and energy across generations10 January 2019The Association for Science Education – Annual conference
Bridging the Generation Gap29 November 2018Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Retired Association
Intergenerational Activities – Lessons learnt21 November 2018Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Neurology
Remodelling intergenerational connections for healthier ageing9 November 2018Irish Society of Physiotherapy, Ireland
Black History Month24 October 2018Intergenerational Workshop
#Localinfluence Harnessing digital technologies for effective influencing – a #BYOD workshop’’ - Influencing through mass media19 October 2018Physiotherapy UK
"Rehab matters in the older person3 October 2018CSP South West English Regional Network
Generation games: the secret to ageing well22 September 2018New Scientist Live
Intergenerational Communities - Old Peoples Home For 4 Year Olds (OPHF4YO)17 April 2018National Care Forum- Ageing in Common, An International perspective
Thriving through Intergenerational Activities12 April 2018Future of health care Cushman And Wakefield
Benefits of cross-generational interactions20 March 2018Edinburgh Science Festival
Promoting Physical Activity in Older adults and BME Groups27 January 2018Wales Exercise Medicine Symposium
My best friend at nursery is 80 years old18 November 2017TEDx Leamington
Revolutionising connections between the old and the young13 October 2017Thrive 2020, Guernsey
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